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maverick community is a shared space for fitness & wellness coaches and brands to run their own thriving businesses. We’re like WeWork or SolaSalon or a farmers market for the fitness & wellness space.

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〽️ What is maverick community?

maverick community makes it easy for fitness & wellness coaches to run their own businesses. Think CloudKitchens, SolaSalon, WeWork for fitness.

We’re starting by building a network of flexible, on-demand studios equipped with dynamic multi-camera setups powered by AI live editing software.

maverick is unbundling the gym, putting the wellness professional first, and building a purpose-driven social enterprise to create more entrepreneurs and make health and wellness accessible to everyone!

Our spaces are meaningful environments that empower wellness professionals to produce their best work, whether in person or digitally.

How maverick community Works

We subdivide space into private and group studios, provide fitness equipment, team member help (check-in, cleaning), and production equipment, and then rent the studios to fitness and wellness professionals. The wellness professionals bring their client base, set their pricing, and decide when, what, and how many classes to teach. The wellness professionals pay a rental fee and, in return, can take home 100% of their client revenue and earn income while they sleep with their professionally filmed content. Our goal is to take care of all of the things that the wellness professional doesn't want to do so that they can show up a do what they do best, teach and create.

The wellness professional is our member, not the end-user, as we believe that focusing on their success will create the best environment for everyone. As our network of studios and our ecosystem of well-curated members increases, we will help drive new clients to our members.

Mission Statement

Create a world that empowers fitness and wellness creators

Mission Questions

How does maverick community empower fitness + wellness entrepreneurs and creators?

How does maverick community help all individuals live more free, healthy, and happy lives?

  • What is happiness?
  • What is healthy living?
  • What is freedom?

How does maverick community make fitness and wellness more accessible?

Thank you to Warren Berger for the mission question inspiration.


Create an environment where wellness professionals can become successful entrepreneurs and to make fitness and health more accessible.

We > Me

Create a family atmosphere with employees, customers, and the surrounding community. We're aware of the lack of accessibility in the wellness and fitness world and will actively involve our team members and customers to bring health and wellness practices to people who need them most.


Focus our attention on our customers (the wellness professionals) and put their satisfaction at the core of everything we do. We'll create an environment where our customers are smiling, and our team's focus is on improving their lives.


Mindfulness equals three attentional skills working together at the same time, these skills are Concentration, Clarity, and Coolness. What does this mean? It means that mindful awareness is a skillset, a collection of skills. A skill is an ability that can be improved with practice. Most skills involve some sort of external performance but mindfulness skills are “internal.” Mindfulness skills are a way to process your sensory experience. Sensory experiences are not just outer physical experience like sights and sounds but also inner experiences of thoughts and emotions. So, Mindful Awareness is a certain way to pay attention to what is happening around you and within you. It involves three core skills. Each skill is distinct from the others, and they work together to reinforce each other.


Prioritize diversity in our team members (employees, customers, advisors, board members) and our health and wellness offerings. Diversity fosters new ideas and makes our community and company more successful in accomplishing our goal: creating more entrepreneurs and making health and wellness accessible for all.


Tell the truth, always.


Encourage and award a growth mindset, and continuously educate our team and customers on fitness, nutrition, and mental health.


Encourage and award being silly and curious.


Strive every day to become a more sustainable company. This value will lead to many trade-offs, such as no single-use plastics, hand dryers instead of paper towels, no towel rentals, but will make our Company and the world better.

We pledge attention to the details of every vendor we work with, every product we sell, and every service we provide to ensure that we never compromise our sustainability value.


Committed to helping people help people

Why the name "maverick"?

Maverick definition: An independent-minded person, someone who is not a fan of the status-quo. Someone who does something differently.

We are creating and fostering a community of mavericks. Individuals that strive to grow their brands and be in an environment with unlimited potential.

1️⃣ First Location - Playa Vista, CA

  • Virtual Tour
  • Photos
  • We opened our first location in August 2021 in Playa Vista, CA (Westside LA).
  • We took over a former YogaWorks location at an outdoor mall called Runway. We renovated and opened for business in just under three weeks after receiving the keys from the landlord.
  • This Playa Vista location is 7,500 square feet and includes five separate studios: (1) 1,200 sqft for personal training, (2) 500 sqft for group fitness, (3) 1,200 sqft for spin, (4) 1,500 group training studio (yoga, dance, HIIT, boxing, pilates, meditation, martial arts, etc), and (5) 100 sqft wellness room for massage + physical therapy, acupuncture, nutrition consultations, etc. The facility also features men's and women's locker rooms with showers and lockers.
  • We are excited for this to be our first location because there were previously two successful boutique fitness businesses operating out of this outdoor center: Flywheel (spinning) and YogaWorks (yoga). Additionally, we have great co-tenants in WholeFoods, Brella, Healthy Spot, Sender One, Cedars-Sinai, Rvivl, Varnish Lab, and Heyday.

👨‍👨‍👦 Team

Michael Fishman

  • Co-founder, CEO of Pure Cycles, a bicycle company that amassed $50M+ in revenue over ten years. Acquired in April 2020.
  • BS in Real Estate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Forbes 30 Under 30
  • Non-profit board chair at Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition


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Christian Straka

  • Mindfulness coach and facilitator - corporate clients such as Adidas, Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook
  • Mindsize Co-Creator, CEO
  • Adidas Runners Global Mindset Coach, Adidas Runners Mindset Coach LA
  • Former professional tennis player and professional coach for players such as Mike Bryan and Victoria Azarenka


Steve LePore


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Team Members

  • Yoshi Silva
  • Xavianca Horne
  • Rey Ferrin
  • Alejandra (Ale) Mikulan




💨 Traction + Updates

We send regular updates. Sign up below to be added to the list and check out the archive below.

Why are we being so transparent?

These updates and thoughts were initially created by and for the Maverick Community founder team. We decided to make them public as we believe putting these notes into the universe will bring more value to others and the overall mission compared to any potential downsides.

Our goal is to allow for an inside look at our building process to encourage other potential entrepreneurs thinking about starting a business, help build exactly what future wellness professional entrepreneurs are looking for, and spread our message of making wellness and fitness more accessible.

Additionally, this information will be a helpful database for institutional knowledge. We plan to build a remote-first company where our employees can work wherever is best for them, and sharing the beginnings of the company will help us ensure all team members understand the type of culture we are striving to create.

We look forward to your comments and questions.

Company Updates

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maverick community update - January 2021
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maverick community update - September 2021
maverick community update - October + November 2021
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Maverick Community Update - May 2022

Collection of longer form ✍️ "Thoughts" from the updates above:

✨ Strategy

What maverick community has figured out so far

We opened our first location in Playa Vista, CA in August 2021 and have signed up 100+ wellness professionals that are hosting 60+ classes per week. We are running the business extremely efficient with limited full-time employees working in the facility, and have set up professional production studios so that classes can be live-streamed and recorded for on-demand (see example footage here).

Wellness professionals are loving running their business at maverick as they are making more income and enjoying the freedom to grow their own brands. We have wellness professionals teaching 20+ different fitness disciplines and the end clients are enjoying the diversity.

Our fitness & wellness professionals and creators include independent instructors, established businesses/brands that want to downsize or grow into a new location, brands or individuals looking for filming space, brands looking to test a new location, mommy and me classes, etc.

What wellness professionals are saying about maverick community
  • Trainers want to transition out of their gyms and make more money, but they are stuck! This idea is a great, easy path for trainers.
  • – Andre, Celebrity Fitness Formula

  • I now own my private gym using my live/work loft after working at Barry’s Bootcamp and making very little money. This model is perfect for trainers who want their own business but don’t want to grind in the business aspect. Trainers will find this idea very valuable.
  • – Torrey, Barry’s Bootcamp

  • I left Equinox because I was making a small fraction of what my clients were paying. I built a great client list that I train at a private gym, but there is no co-working flexibility. I’d love a private space that would give me 24/7 access.
  • – Molly, Equinox

  • I’ve been teaching a long time at Pilates Plus and Wunderbar. Mainly group classes, but I get people asking me for privates all of the time. The problem is that I’m an independent contractor, and if I bring in someone, then I have to split the revenue with the gym.
  • – Sorel, Pilates Plus

  • I like the idea that I can make my space MY BRAND. I would love the education — I’m not a business person, but I’m eager to learn marketing. I created a zoom workout during COVID and get 35-40 people per session. I need better equipment and software for my streaming - the sound is poor, and the subscription side of things is very time- consuming.
  • – Synthia, private fitness instructor

  • The business model of a yoga or Pilates studio doesn’t make sense and isn’t sustainable... rent is too expensive, so you need to overfill classes to make money, and trainers are getting burnt out and not making enough money.
  • – Justine, private yoga/pilates instructor

  • Your studio space enables a private therapist to see more people as there is a significant barrier to seeing many people in LA because of the driving time!
  • – Jeff, Ther-Ex Physical Therapy

  • I would use this idea to stream my yoga classes. I get ~150 people per streaming.
  • – Tom, Global Tribe Retreats

  • This idea is perfect timing for post COVID.
  • – Shannon, Core Power Yoga

Tech strategy

The value chain is being disrupted, and it is now the creator, the one who is generating the demand, that can capture the most value from customers.

We will build and use technology to capture our wellness professional customers as much value as possible while only focusing on what they do best, creating. We will allow our creators and artists to focus on their craft by using tech to help with all of the things they don't enjoy or excel at (content production/editing, marketing, prospecting, scheduling, website/app building, etc.).

Maverick Community is much more than Space as a Service. We are providing Space as a Service WITH a Service.

〽️ Co-op Model

Peloton as a Service
Peloton as a Service
Automated + Limited Staff Studios

We are automating check-in and client sign-up so that no employees, outside of cleaning and maintenance staff, are required to operate the studio. Additional, we've installed an app access front door (ex: Nexkey) where wellness professionals can enjoy 24/7 access to the facility.

While we also plan to offer white glove service filming and editing service if an instructor wants to produce high quality 1080p/4K content, we will have the tech and equipment in place for instructors to teach/zoom their classes on their own without any Maverick employees. We are working on ways to automate the starting, stopping, editing, uploading, and posting of digital content for our wellness professionals.

Similar studio business concepts, such as Pirate and Sola Salon, are using tech and smart business practices to achieve success with very little in-person staff.

Software for booking, scheduling, marketing, and livestream + on-demand content hosting/selling
Community Member App

We plan to build an app that helps wellness professionals build community with fellow creators and run their businesses more effectively. Beyond the ability to book Maverick studio space, our members will use the app to connect with other wellness professionals, be alerted of events happening at their location or city, and get advice and training from our team of experts. The app will also be a tool for wellness professionals to interact with their clients via messaging and track and monitor their clients' movements and nutrition habits.

Bundling of Wellness Professionals

While we are unbundling the gym in the physical world, we can achieve success in the digital realm by bundling our curated group of wellness professionals. Social media and fitness/wellness apps are currently crowded and confusing ecosystems as it isn't clear which wellness professional creator is actually worth listening to. Additionally, there is a large demand from clients to try new services and discover new wellness professionals. We can help by building the following:

  • ClassPass Model: The network of curated wellness professionals across all spectrums of the wellness space (from personal training to spinning to massage therapy to physical therapy) gives us a unique opportunity to build a ClassPass style booking platform that will bring more clients to our members. We aspire for Maverick Community to be the go-to place for all wellness needs.
  • Marketing Funnel: We can use client data from our wellness professionals to help run more effective ads and increase their awareness.
  • Video Catalog: Aggregate all of our wellness professional on-demand video content in one place as a way to create a well-curated wellness video catalog. This can serve as an important source of customer discovery for our creators.
Network Effect —> Airbnb Marketplace

Maverick Community becomes more essential to our members as our network of studios grows for two reasons. (1) Wellness professionals will be able to access our studios wherever works best for them or their customers. (2) As the Maverick Community brand grows, we will attract more wellness professionals and more end clients for our wellness professionals.

We envision a future where we can grow our network by adding other non-Maverick fitness and wellness studios to build an Airbnb marketplace (ex: other gyms that have excess space/underutilized space).

Real estate strategy

We are looking to take over existing gym and boutique studio space so that the build-out will be affordable and quick. It is estimated that 1/4 of gyms and boutique studios went out of business in 2021.

We believe that, in the short-term and long-term, Maverick Community doesn't need to be on the ground floor on the hottest corner of the best neighborhood. Just as we are seeing with DNVBs (Digitally Native Vertical Brands = e-commerce brands that open their own physicals locations to control the entire consumer experience), brands with powerful digital connections to their customers are not relying on foot traffic as they can drive physical traffic anywhere. We've seen wellness professionals able to get their clients to follow them anywhere.

We have the following initial requirements for our first location(s):

  • Locations: Santa Monica, Venice, Mar Vista, Culver, Hollywood, West Hollywood (again, we are okay with being on the fringe of these cities, and we don't need to be on "main street").
  • Parking: convenient, plentiful parking is a must.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: outdoor access is a plus (ex: large parking lot, courtyard, rooftop).
  • Size: 5k sqft - 15k sqft
  • Prior Use: Former gym/boutique studio space is a huge plus so we don't have to pay or wait for an extensive build-out

Once we prove the our model via our initial 2-3 leases, we plan scale locations by negotiating with prominent landlords to sign management agreements instead of long-term leases. Management agreements are a less risky and asset-light way to scale. We believe maverick is a prime candidate for management agreements for the following reasons:

  • The amount of empty retail/office/flex space (e-comm, COVID, work from home)
  • Landlords love fitness as it brings in the best consumers - good looking people with disposable income to shop and eat pre/post workout (ex: Related acquired Equinox)
  • We don't need to be in the best location as the creators can drive traffic to wherever maverick is (similar to DNVB brands, ie Bonobos). We plan to focus on malls and occupy their most undesirable spaces at their property.

We plan to develop our network of studios as we believe that the gym/wellness center solution of the future is not a single location but a network of studios and services that foster a community of like-minded individuals.

The successful landlord of the future focuses on the user's needs (the customer). Gone are the days of landlords relying on scarcity and getting away with building generic space, signing long-term leases, and just collecting checks. As Industrious and other co-working operators have shown, customers (from startups to large public businesses) desire flexible, move-in-ready meaningful space that inspires and allows for community building. Considering this, Maverick Community will provide more than just beautiful physical space. We will also supply the tech + tools (ex: fitness equipment, production equipment), services (ex: video editing, social media marketing, wellness certifications), and community building that empowers our members to excel.

View our renderings and test-fit plans below:

Read further thoughts on why we believe Maverick can be successful in all locations here.

Additionally, when it comes to our non-profit operations in lower-income communities, we plan to purchase property and share ownership of the real estate with the entrepreneur customers in those communities.

Unit economics

Here are the unit economics for our 7,500 sqft facility in Playa Vista, CA (Los Angeles) that is subdivided into five distinct studios.

We only need 35% occupancy in order to break-even while charging subscription fees on space and AI camera system.

This means that each of the five studios only needs to be used ~3x / day. The average Soul-Cycle, OrangeTheory, F45, Barry's has eight to eleven classes per day.

What the future will look like once maverick community is successful

With all of the independent creators using our studios (from fitness trainers to meditation coaches to physical therapists to psychotherapists), we'll then be able to attract individual end-users and medium to large-sized brands that want to rent space across our studio marketplace. Our brand will have been responsible for providing a sustainable platform for wellness professionals to have real careers and we’ll have certified thousands of aspiring wellness professionals in underserved communities.

The gym solution of the future is not a single location; it is a network of studios and services that fosters a community of like-minded individuals. Creators don’t want just “space”; they need a productivity solution to help them attract and retain customers. We will achieve this by offering beautiful physical space focused on creators that includes tech, equipment, tools, and services that enable success both in the physical and digital world.

Why maverick community Will Win

We're the first gym or wellness center to build an equitable workforce model with our creator platform that enables wellness professionals to become thriving entrepreneurs. We are also the first wellness brand to stand for increasing access, equity, and inclusivity by creating a 501(c)(3) non-profit that will run in parallel with our for-profit to help more individuals in poor and underserved communities live more free, healthy and happy lives.

Our co-founder team includes a former founder who sold his business after running it for ten years, a successful wellness professional, and a three-time non-profit founder and executive director.

Risks + challenges
Long-term commitment to rent/mortgages while having short-term uncreditworthy tenants

Risk is reduced as there is an abundance of wellness professionals (growing at 39%+/year), and there is an increasing demand for fitness and wellness. Additionally, I've spoken with the CEOs/founders of multiple salon suite businesses that have an identical situation, and they've stressed that they've been extremely successful with a weekly pay collection model.

Long term, once we prove our concept, we have a goal of replacing leases with management agreements or purchasing property. Read more about this strategy here.

High build-out development costs

Risk is reduced as there are many vacant gyms/boutique studios to move into and many affordable retail/office spaces due to e-commerce success and COVID-19.

Long term, once we prove our concept, we have a goal of replacing leases with management agreements, which will put much of the build-out cost on the landlord. Read more about this strategy here.

Trainers not being able to make the jump to becoming entrepreneurs.

Risk is reduced by setting up training and education courses for wellness professionals to learn about personal brand building and other business skills. Additionally, we plan to bring on partners and employees who have entrepreneurial fitness experience and help set up a success blueprint.

Like the first bullet point above, I've spoken with the CEOs/founders of multiple salon suite businesses that have successfully transitioned stylists at hair salons into thriving entrepreneurs.

Additionally we rent space to established fitness brands and studios that are looking to test markets, expand, throw events, and/or film content.

Government forced closure regulations due to future pandemics 🤮

Risk is reduced due to our studios allowing for the filming of client-less professional virtual classes. Our studios will be beautiful spaces that are conducive for filming, and we will provide the tech, equipment, and consulting services necessary to produce high quality-content.

Additionally, we will minimize the risk by planning outdoor workout space via patio, parking lot, or rooftop space.

As stated in the "At-home work out trend" risk below, we believe that working out in-person will continue to be the desired choice for consumers (totally agree with Jordan's 70% IRL / 30% digital hybrid split).

Figuring out the correct size and distribution of our studio spaces

Risk is reduced by interviewing trainers, finding out their desires, and then bootstrapping the first location (2021 beta launch in Playa Vista, CA) to observe exactly what our customers want before putting a significant amount of money into a buildout.

Zoning and usage of real estate

We will try to take advantage of vacant office real estate but are fully aware of the challenges of changing real estate zoning laws.

At-home work out trend

While COVID-19 forced gyms to close, it fueled a massive boom to the at-home workout trend, and individual wellness professionals and companies, such as Peloton, Tonal, Mirror, etc., capitalized on it.

Working out at home is not a new trend; remember Jane Fonda in the 80s and P90X most recently, but this time things are different as technology has enabled better equipment and more engaging and personal content.

We believe that working out at home will allow more people to work out more often but that the majority of workouts will still happen in person at gyms or wellness centers (ClassPass Nov 2020 survey showed 92% of participants plan to return to their gyms).

Humans are social animals, and the gym gives us a place to engage and create community. An IHRSA Oct 2020 study showed that the only thing gym-goers miss more than going to the gym is visiting loved ones - ahead of going to concerts, sporting events, restaurants, and movie theaters.

A relevant comparison to the at-home gym disruption is the restaurant industry with Postmates, DoorDash, and UberEats. These services make eating more convenient for users, but people still prefer going to restaurants (recent survey shows ~2/3 of people prefer eating at restaurants versus ordering food).

With changing customer behaviors in mind, we know that we must provide our wellness professional creators with the necessary tools to provide excellent in-person classes and create beautiful video content (production equipment, such as cameras and professional lighting) and production services, such as editing).

Read more thoughts on this topic here which compares the fitness industry with the music industry to show how creators make more money in person.

Relevant trends propelling maverick community (why now?)
  • Passion/creator economy (Substack, Etsy, YouTube, TikTok, Teachable, Podcasting, etc.) allows individuals to become successful entrepreneurs doing what they love. COVID has accelerated this line of thinking for wellness professionals as they do not want to go back to working for their gyms or boutique studios.
    • The increase in the number of people starting their own businesses in the US has surged to a 13-year high. Entrepreneurship rates are at a 24% increase from the year before.
  • The business model for gyms is changing. Large gyms can no longer rely on empty memberships where clients pay without use, and boutique studios can’t afford to pay their wellness professionals enough to retain them (the average trainer makes <$50K / year). One-fourth of gyms are estimated to close in 2021, and two-thirds of fitness studios are sitting unused for more than half of the week.
  • Omnichannel fitness (in-person x at-home) is fueled by brands such as Peloton, Tonal, Tempo, Future, Mirror, etc., and by individual wellness professionals hosting and streaming their own classes (creator brand > gym brand).
  • Real estate and office vacancies and oversupply caused by e-commerce success and work-at-home.
  • Customers are more likely to buy products, enjoy services, and champion purpose-driven companies.
  • COVID has accelerated awareness of the importance of total holistic health. People are starting to realize total wellness comes from a combination of fitness, nutrition, mental health, and not just one thing. The US self-improvement market (aka "high-performing lifestyle" / "self-master" / "biohacking") is valued at $13.2B and is growing quickly.
  • Disconnect between the booming fitness/wellness industry and our nation’s 42% obesity rate disproportionately impacts lower-income communities. Additionally, the wealth gap in the US continues to widen.
Similar concepts in other industries
  • Food Service: CloudKitchens
  • Office: WeWork, Industrious
  • Events: Convene
  • Co-Living: Common
  • Warehousing: Saltbox
  • Salon Services: Sola Salon
  • Hospitality: Sonder
  • Studio space for musicians, podcasters, DJs, and dancers: Pirate
  • Medical: Lina
  • Social Media: Clubhouse
  • Retail: B8ta
  • Department Stores: Neighborhood Goods
  • Food Halls (farmers market concepts): Urbanspace
  • Real Estate Brokerage: Compass, Radius
Remote-first culture

We are building a remote team. Everyone on our team works wherever and whenever is most productive for them.

Building a successful remote environment takes work, and we will put additional focus on communication and transparency.

We use Slack, Asana, Notion, and GoogleDocs to stay updated.

Remote-first does not mean any offices. Instead, it means the assumption is that we work as one, regardless of whether a team member is in an office or not. The company exists 'in the Cloud.' You can't be hybrid (some at home and some at an office) unless you are remote/online first (shout out to Antony Slumbers for the thoughts).

Success from Anywhere (borrowed from Salesforce): we’ll put Who, What, and Why before Where work happens, whether that be at home, in an office, at a studio, or in a cafe.

7 strata of strategy
Words and phrases we own in the minds of our targeted customers
  • Flexible, on-demand space for fitness & wellness professionals and creators
  • Freedom, independence, and control for fitness & wellness professionals and creators
  • Power to the instructor
  • Risk-free, turn-key entrepreneurship for fitness instructors, coaches, trainers, professionals, and creators
  • Be a maverick
  • Committed to helping people help people
  • Work at maverick, not for maverick
  • Stop working for someone else, start working for yourself
  • You don't work for maverick, we work for you
  • Power to the people who deliver the value
  • Be the boss, be your boss
  • Fitness + wellness tied with these words/phrases: increasing access, equity, and inclusivity
Who are our core customers + how do we track their happiness?
  • Core Customers:
    • Wellness professionals teaching in-person + streaming live classes
    • What are Wellness Professionals?
      • Personal trainers
      • Spin, dance, sculpt, HIIT group class instructors
      • Yoga instructors
      • Physical therapists
      • Pilates instructors
      • Meditation coaches
      • Acupuncturists
      • Massage therapists
      • Psychotherapists
      • Nutritionists
      • Chiropractors
    • Wellness professionals filming video content
    • Creators & influencers teaching/streaming live classes and creating content.
    • Events hosted by wellness professionals, influencers, brands
    • Teacher training (ex: yoga instructors teaching/certifying students to become instructors)
    • Digital-only apps that want places to film or to meet their clientele in person 1x/month, quarter, year, etc. (ex: Future, obe, Beachbody, Tonal, etc.)
    • Gyms/brands that want to scale to new locations but don't want to risk opening their own location.
    • Gyms/brands that went out of business but still have a loyal fan base and can sell out classes (ex: 1-5 classes/day)
  • We know we are keeping our promises (Kept Promise Indicators) by measuring our instructor tenant attribution rate percentage (goal is <15%) and our vacancy rates (goal is <10%).
Brand promise guarantee
  • maverick community promises to empower wellness professionals to enjoy more income, independence, and control.
One-PHRASE strategy
  • Focus on the fitness & wellness creator
Differentiating activities
  • The fitness instructor/wellness professional is our member, not the end client.
  • Charge instructors subscription fee instead of unfair revenue share.
  • Multiple disciplines of wellness and fitness within every location: personal training, group classes (spin, yoga, HIIT, dance), massage therapy, physical therapy, pilates, meditation, chiropractors, nutritionists, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, etc. (maverick is trend agnostic)
  • Provide instructors with everything they need to be successful: studio space, production equipment, software, marketing & sales services, team member help (cleaning), education services for business and health, brand management, etc.
  • Give-back model via maverick forward.
  • An underlying advantage over our competition: we give the power back to the real rockstars, the men and women who solely determine if a fitness or wellness session/class is good or not... the wellness pro. While most fitness and wellness facilities worry about massive instructor turnover, we empower instructors by giving them freedom and making them more income, which in turn creates a much better workout environment for the end customer.
    • "Like filmmakers on YouTube, writers on Substack, and independent podcasters everywhere, fitness professionals are waking up to the fact that they hold a disproportionate share of the value. Now, as consumer habits shift, and new digital tools emerge, the rise of the fitness creator could be more disruptive to the industry than Peloton." -Fitt Insider
Economic driver + BHAG
  • Most crucial economic drivers: wellness professional NPS, # of classes per week
  • BHAG: $100M ARR by 2030
Competitive landscape
  • We are competing to be unique, and, sadly, giving the wellness professional the power and allowing them to grow their brand is a novel idea. While no company is executing our exact model, here is the competitive landscape across the fitness and wellness industry.
  • image
Market size (US)
  • $4.2T wellness economy, growing ~7% over the past two years.
  • $32B fitness industry (increased 450% since the 1980s) + $34B physical therapy industry (6% growth from the previous year).
  • Since the 1980s, health club locations and memberships have tripled to 36K and 57M (1/4 of Americans), respectively.
  • Statistics for two wellness professional disciplines:
    • Personal Trainers
      • 400,000 certified personal trainers working professionally in the US (up 22% from 2012).
      • 39% job outlook growth rate from now until 2028.
      • Median income: $40,390 ($19.42/hour).
      • The US personal training industry is valued at $10B and is growing 2.8% annually.
    • Physical Therapists:
      • 250,000 certified physical therapists working in the US (up 30% from 2012).
      • 22% job outlook growth rate from now until 2028.
      • Median income: $89,440.
      • The US physical therapy industry alone is $34B and expects to grow 6% annually to $46B by 2023.

⏩ maverick forward

What is maverick forward?

We do not take our success and privilege for granted. Maverick Forward was founded after we recognized that levels of entrepreneurship are lower in underserved communities not for lack of interest or ability, but lack of opportunities and resources.

Maverick Community is the engine that helps drive Maverick Forward, our 501(c)3 nonprofit initiative that promotes entrepreneurship in underserved communities by providing no-cost mentorship, training, and certifications for aspiring wellness professionals, enabling more individuals to pursue their dreams, gain financial security, and proliferate fitness practices.

Partnering > giving

Have you ever had someone in front of you in line purchase your food for you and, as a result, you decided to “pay it forward” to the person behind you? Paying it forward is a noble gesture, but we believe in taking the pay it forward model and making it more impactful, more sustainable. We believe in “partnering forward.”

Maverick Forward will partner with community members interested in becoming wellness professionals and support them on their path to entrepreneurship. In turn, we will ask these individuals to “pay it forward” once they become a licensed trainer by providing 1-3 hours a week of voluntary fitness instruction in their communities to individuals who might otherwise not be able to afford it, increasing access to fitness and wellness in these areas.

Turn-key entrepreneurship

We aim to remove the barriers to becoming an entrepreneur by providing no-cost mentorship, training, and certifications to interested individuals, funding all necessary activities required to become a licensed fitness trainer. Individuals will also receive mentorship and education on business planning, branding, and management; low and more flexible rent through Maverick Community; and a scholarship fund to allow for low or free client fees.

maverick community and maverick forward are social enterprises that will combine the heart of a nonprofit with the scalability and innovation of a for profit. Please join us! Donate HERE

❓ FAQs

How does maverick community differ from other gyms?
  • Maverick Community is creating a platform for wellness professionals & creators to be business owners and entrepreneurs. Wellness professionals work at Maverick Community, not FOR Maverick Community, and, therefore, will be able to enjoy more:
    • Freedom, independence, and flexibility
    • Brand building opportunities (equipment and services to produce high-quality video content)
    • Income! (earn 100% of their client revenue + revenue from their high-quality content created using our production equipment & services)
  • maverick community is creating facilities with a diverse range of curated wellness professionals: personal trainers, group trainers, physical therapists, yoga instructors, nutritionists, meditation coaches, psychotherapists, etc.
  • maverick community is making more efficient use out of it's space by not being beholden to one fitness discipline and by offering a beautiful space and high-end equipment to film/record. Ex: we are renting space in the middle of the day to wellness professionals who want to film, and renting space to mommy and me groups in the mid-afternoon when fitness facilities are typically empty. We are also hosting events at night when fitness facilities are typically not in use.
  • maverick community is focused on creating a culture of service, primarily concentrating on those less fortunate. There is a disconnect between the trillions of dollars produced by the wellness industry and our nation’s growing obesity and mental health epidemics, disproportionately impacting lower-income communities. We are taking it upon ourselves to help close the gap by creating maverick forward, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that will run parallel with our for-profit, maverick community. maverick forward is committed to supporting professionals in their fields, helping more individuals in poor and underserved communities live more free, healthy and happy lives.
How does maverick community differ from existing gyms that offer private trainers the ability to rent space by the hour?
  • Co-working is our core business. We offer flexible, on-demand space as opposed to just offering this service as an additional revenue stream. We are open to book 24/7 and offer private and group studio space with fitness and production equipment and services to film/stream classes.
  • Production equipment and tech. We’re providing high end camera equipment to film, stream, and live edit. See example footage here.
  • Group class and discipline diversity. We offer space for group classes as well as private sessions and disciplines ranging from personal training to spinning to massage therapy to meditation, etc.
  • Focus on the wellness professional. The wellness professional is our member instead of focusing on the end client like all other gyms and wellness centers. In addition to offering space and equipment, we will have team members to help with check-in, set-up, cleaning, and video production so that the wellness professional can focus on what he/she does best, teaching!
  • Network effect. We plan to build hundreds of studios, and the business will get stronger as we grow as our wellness professional members can utilize all of the studios no matter where their clients reside. Additionally, the network effect will give us the largest community of wellness professionals, all working for themselves but not by themselves.
  • maverick forward. Our culture of service and our diverse team will be a huge differentiator. We are building a purpose-driven company that is not only creating an equitable workforce model by making entrepreneurship more accessible, but we are on a mission to make health and fitness available to everyone!
  • More than a landlord. Whether we own, manage, or lease the real estate, it is our goal to be more than a typical landlord by helping wellness professionals with content production services, such as filming & editing, business services, such as social media marketing, wellness certification services, such as meditation and nutrition certifications, and by funneling more clients to our wellness professionals.
What are the barriers to entry?
  • We plan to compete to be unique instead of competing to be the best. We will always focus on our customers, the wellness professional, instead of worrying about competition. These are the main reasons our customers will love maverick community:
    • Culture + Brand. We are going to build a team (from tenants to employees to investors) that is purpose-driven. We are going to make a difference in this world beyond delivering profits for our shareholders. We are questioning and taking on the complex issues of creating an equitable workforce model and making fitness, health, and entrepreneurship accessible to everyone.
    • Real estate. It takes a considerable amount of money, knowledge, and connections to takeover and manage a network of studios.
    • Team. We have an excellent founding team with experience in all of the categories that matter most to our business. From real estate, to entrepreneurship, to mindfulness, to wellness professional success, to non-profit experience.
    • Strict focus on the wellness professional. We are creating superior value for our customers, the wellness professional entrepreneur tenants.
Why start the non-profit now, at the beginning of the company, versus waiting until the for-profit has shown significant signs of success?

Our co-founder team has a service-first mentality, and we don’t want to follow the mold of waiting to do good until we’ve earned success. It is possible to help others while building up from the beginning, and we believe the Maverick Community brand is much stronger with Maverick Forward being a part of the business from the start. No wellness and fitness brands are attempting to tackle making fitness and wellness more accessible, and we believe we have the right skill sets to be the ones to make a dent. Additional points and clarifications below:

  • We want to have the non-profit side, Maverick Forward, learn from the early successes and failures of the for-profit business, and ideally, hire an Executive Director for the non-profit from the very beginning.
  • Testing the NPO sector the way we are testing the for-profit sector allows us to learn before a significant rollout. We are big believers in testing before doing, and proving the model on a small scale will significantly impact our ability to raise future substantial support.
  • One of our co-founders, Steve LePore, is a three-time non-profit founder and executive director and will be instrumental in setting up and building Maverick Forward.
  • We want the Maverick brand to be known for service from the very beginning. We want our customers to understand what we stand for, and we believe customers are yearning for products and services that are purpose-driven. Why work out at Equinox or Soul-Cycle when you could work out at Maverick Community and feel like you are a part of doing better for the world?
  • NOW is the time for Maverick Forward. There is genuine interest in the concept, and it will be a tremendous and dynamic addition to Maverick Community.
How will maverick forward (the non-profit organization) operate with maverick community (the for-profit organization), and how much founder time will be dedicated to each organization?

The two organizations are different entities and will run separately. We plan to hire an Executive Director for Maverick Forward by Q4 2022, and in combination with co-founder Steve LePore, Maverick Forward will be run on its own. The other co-founders may sit on the Maverick Forward board, but they will have little say in the operations beyond high-level strategy discussions.

On the company side, Maverick Community will benefit Maverick Forward by way of expertise in real estate and fitness, and, hopefully, by way of investment via operations and investors. Additionally, wellness professionals have shown a tremendous amount of interest in giving back and are searching for a platform to do so. We look forward to involving them in teacher training and other volunteer opportunities.

What software are you using to run maverick community?

Asana, Drift, Calendly, QuickBooks Online, Arketa, Pipedrive, Loom, Notion,, Slack, OpenPhone, DocSend, Dropbox, HelloSign, 1Password, Canva, Sketch, InDesign, HandBrake, Grammarly, Superhuman, TeamViewer, Audacity, iMovie, Adobe

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Maverick Community and Maverick Forward are based in Los Angeles, CA. We are a diverse group of people interested in fitness, health and wellness, giving back, mindfulness, reading, baseball, basketball, tennis, cycling, golf, hiking, running, real estate, dogs, and the ocean.

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