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maverick community makes it easy for fitness & wellness creators to run their own businesses. Think CloudKitchens, SolaSalon, Industrious, Squire for wellness creators.

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〽️ What is maverick community?

maverick community makes it easy for fitness & wellness creators to run their own businesses. Think CloudKitchens, SolaSalon, Industrious, Squire for wellness creators.

We’re starting by building a network of flexible, on-demand studios equipped with dynamic multi-camera setups powered by AI live editing software.

maverick is unbundling the gym, putting the wellness professional first, and building a purpose-driven social enterprise to create more entrepreneurs and make health and wellness accessible to everyone!

Our spaces are meaningful environments that empower wellness professionals to produce their best work, whether in person or digitally.

How maverick community Works
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1️⃣ First Location - Playa Vista, CA

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  • We opened our first location in August 2021 in Playa Vista, CA (Westside LA).
  • We took over a former YogaWorks location at an outdoor mall called Runway. We renovated and opened for business in just under three weeks after receiving the keys from the landlord.
  • This Playa Vista location is 7,500 square feet and includes five separate studios: (1) 1,200 sqft for personal training, (2) 500 sqft for group fitness, (3) 1,200 sqft for spin, (4) 1,500 group training studio (yoga, dance, HIIT, boxing, pilates, meditation, martial arts, etc), and (5) 100 sqft wellness room for massage + physical therapy, acupuncture, nutrition consultations, etc. The facility also features men's and women's locker rooms with showers and lockers.
  • We are excited for this to be our first location because there were previously two successful boutique fitness businesses operating out of this outdoor center: Flywheel (spinning) and YogaWorks (yoga). Additionally, we have great co-tenants in WholeFoods, Brella, Healthy Spot, Sender One, Cedars-Sinai, Rvivl, Varnish Lab, and Heyday.

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Michael Fishman

  • Co-founder, CEO of Pure Cycles, a bicycle company that amassed $50M+ in revenue over ten years. Acquired in April 2020.
  • BS in Real Estate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Forbes 30 Under 30
  • Non-profit board chair at Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition


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Christian Straka

  • Mindfulness coach and facilitator - corporate clients such as Adidas, Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook
  • Mindsize Co-Creator, CEO
  • Adidas Runners Global Mindset Coach, Adidas Runners Mindset Coach LA
  • Former professional tennis player and professional coach for players such as Mike Bryan and Victoria Azarenka


Steve LePore


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Team Members

  • Yoshi Silva
  • Jeremi Ross
  • Xavianca Horne
  • Ale

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⏩ maverick forward

What is maverick forward?
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maverick community and maverick forward are social enterprises that will combine the heart of a nonprofit with the scalability and innovation of a for profit.

❓ FAQs

How does maverick community differ from other gyms?
How does maverick community differ from existing gyms that offer private trainers the ability to rent space by the hour?
What are the barriers to entry?
Why start the non-profit now, at the beginning of the company, versus waiting until the for-profit has shown significant signs of success?
How will maverick forward (the non-profit organization) operate with maverick community (the for-profit organization), and how much founder time will be dedicated to each organization?
What software are you using to run maverick community?

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Maverick Community and Maverick Forward are based in Los Angeles, CA. We are a diverse group of people interested in fitness, health and wellness, giving back, mindfulness, reading, baseball, basketball, tennis, cycling, golf, hiking, running, real estate, dogs, and the ocean.

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