Peloton as a Service
Peloton as a Service

Peloton as a Service

There is a massive gap between the production value from Peloton and Mirror versus individual wellness professionals filming at home. We can unlock an incredible amount of unrealized value for our creators by offering them the tools and services to produce more professional, digestible, and fun content.

The successful creator of the future needs an offline in-person strategy and an online content creation strategy. We believe there is a huge opportunity to help creators achieve success in both worlds.

Thriving creators require these six elements to compete on the same level as a Peloton or Mirror:

(1) Beautiful, inspiring, and private space equipped with the necessary gear for the activity (ex: spin bikes, yoga mats, free weights, etc.).

(2) High-quality production equipment (lighting, sound, props) with the ability to add on additional services (ex: a production team to film and edit). We will focus on building our spaces as designated film studios.

(3) Production services to make content more dynamic and specific to different channels (ex: create a 10-second video short for social).

(4) Automated and easy to use production system that includes remote-in help.

(5) Digital infrastructure, which includes a website/app that allows customers to schedule, pay, and consume. We are currently partnering with Sutra, who is powering our website, scheduling, and payment backend and referring wellness professionals to use Maverick Community space. We will build similar referral relationships with other booking platform companies down the line.

(6) Digital marketing services to help our creators get more awareness.

Maverick Community can earn income for each of these activities. Our goal is to figure out a way to allow our creators to take their content any and everywhere while still enjoying upside as our creator's viewership and popularity grow.

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