Maximum Service at Minimum Cost
Maximum Service at Minimum Cost

Maximum Service at Minimum Cost

Make the best quality goods possible at the lowest cost possible -Henry Ford

Following this advice from Henry Ford is how you create customers for life and earn organic word-of-mouth marketing.

Here is how we focus on helping and providing maximum service at minimum cost for our physical therapist and trainer customers daily.

The “best quality” for Maverick means a couple of things:

  • Providing the top scientifically advanced equipment that independents can’t use anywhere else (learn more here)
  • Curating the community of like-minded physical therapists and trainers we allow to train in our spaces. We get to know each person who applies to use our space, and all candidates must be approved by a committee led by existing members of each location. Maverick is not for the ordinary therapist or trainer, and the biggest mistake we can make is letting the wrong people train clients at Maverick.
  • Offering more than just space for physical therapists and trainers. We’re on their team acting as a partner/agent/manager to help them improve their lives, offer better services to their clients, and grow their earnings with systems to scale their in-person businesses (see here) and brand partnerships (adidas, Momentous, FOUNT, Sollis Health, NeuFit).
  • Hosting free educational workshops to help our customers improve their skill sets and network with our community.
  • Giving the ability to earn equity in Maverick’s mothership company if members are in the top 15% of the community training with the greatest number of sessions (at their specific location). Learn more here.

Providing the best quality space, the top curated community of fitness and health professionals, and the most helpful service allows us to attract the highest quality physical therapists and trainers. And, having the highest quality physical therapists and trainers renting space enables us to operate our business with few employees and low costs. Our customers are running their own business out of our locations, which allows us to avoid the typical hassles of operating a regular clinic or gym (ex: front desk employees, expensive marketing to the end client, physical therapy and trainer turnover, etc.).

Providing QUALITY in all aspects of our business helps us save time and money!

Special shout-out to David Senra from Founders podcast who turned me on to reading about Henry Ford.