Take a Simple Idea and Take It Seriously -Charlie Munger

Take a Simple Idea and Take It Seriously -Charlie Munger

Our mission at Maverick Community is to set up the most successful independent performance physical therapists and personal trainers for a lifetime of sustainable success. We achieve this mission by renting our customer's space, allowing them to run their own thriving businesses, and offering services to help them grow.

This is a very simple idea that we’re taking exceptionally seriously by making sure that there is consistent quality at every touchpoint (what “quality” means to us is thoroughly explained in my last post here).

Unlike most in the fitness and health space, we’re focused on features > price, as this is the most sustainable way to grow a business and attract quality customers for life. Our current 16 members using our space aren’t drawn to Maverick because we offer a lower price than our competitors or an all-you-can-access monthly price. Our customers use Maverick because we provide them with the unique features they need to grow their businesses. The quality of our features, services, and community is our edge, and it is something that can’t be easily replicated.

Maverick Community is not a revolutionary idea. We’re just doing the right things in the right way for the right people ➡️ the top 1% of independent performance physical therapists and trainers who have typically been underpaid and under appreciated. We’re expanding our customer's ideas of what is possible with our unique set of services and strict focus on the right individuals.

We have unique insights into what the best independent physical therapists and trainers need from our co-founder team (Christian has been a coach in the sports world for the past 20 years, and Michael has been an entrepreneur in the fitness and sports world for the past 15 years), and from testing and iterating on this concept over the past two years.